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Late in 2008, TF Central died. In November, user OkeyDonkey of the TF Board set out to track down every artist whose website was lost. In May of 2009, the TF Board also died. That leaves Tanuke to pick up to torch. His work is maintained here for posterity. Please feel free to use it as necessary. on DeviantArt — site was basically blank — moved to See also Neybulot on DeviantArt. — moved to — moved to — moved to — site was basically blank on FurAffinity on DeviantArt on DeviantArt — moved to on DeviantArt (I’m not 100% sure this is the same person) Ookami’s lone story on Doc’s Lab. I found a female Gin Ookami on DeviantArt who likes TF, but this Gin Ookami appears to be male. on TransFur and on FurAffinity on FurAffinity and on DeviantArt on DeviantArt — moved to, which disappeared itself a few days after this topic was created. See also LoboLeo on DeviantArt and his comic. — I think Luc McCloud on FurAffinity is a different person. — can be found moderating this forum and MSF High forums on DeviantArt — moved to See also TimOsprey on DeviantArt. — moved to See also PoKeHybridTrainer on DeviantArt.
http://projectp.tfcentral.comNexus-T on DeviantArt (no art) on DeviantArt Quivershaft (Red Tailed Hawk) on Deviantart; SeaCigar on TransFur, on FurAffinity, and on Deviantart. — moved to See also Rubberbando on FurAffinity and on DeviantArt. — I found a Ryu-kun on DeviantArt, but I’m not confident enough that it’s the same to put up the link. on DeviantArt Skunk on Doc’s Lab (this is definitely Selena) and on DeviantArt (I’m about 75% sure) on TransFur, on FurAffinity, and on Deviantart — moved to on FurAffinity and on DeviantArt — moved to See also Soty on TransFur. — abandoned since 2004. I don’t think he’s coming back. — website was a black screen before it went down, no art on FA account, no art on DA account, so all I found was this sketch on TransFur — I can’t determine whether the FA/DA wolfboy is the same person on DeviantArt on FurAffinity and on DeviantArt

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  1. Rockario permalink
    December 18, 2009 11:14 pm

    I just thought I should mention, the links to Doc’s Lab are now broken (furvect being gone and all). There might be more, it would be nice if someone could look into it, I would even do it if you don’t want to.
    This is a great resource for finding sites outside of galleries like FA or DA, good work!

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