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“Tell us about furries, for SCIENCE!”

January 10, 2010

You may have seen the ad on the side of FurAffinity. A professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is conducting a Furry Survey, affectionately known as the “Furvey”

After looking through the question, everything is quite harmless. Nowhere does it talk about the sexual aspect, and seems to be doing research regarding furry support groups and how furries help others deal with issues by talking to other furries. This is of course pure conjecture at this point, but what else could “Survey of the efficacy of furry subculture online/in-person support network (IRB #09-28)” mean?

If you have a free 30 minutes, you might want to drop in your two cents into the bucket. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to tell the media what furries are REALLY like, here you go.

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