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Furnarchy in the UK

November 24, 2009

The furry fandom is gaining some spotlight in the UK, as a BBC News Magazing asks the question “Who are the Furries?”

The article is, dare I say, damn well positive and sides with the furries about how the media tends to sensationalize things.

In a recent court case in the UK, two men who met on a furry website, and shared sexual role-playing fantasies, were convicted of plotting to kill one of the pair’s adoptive parents. Christopher Monks, from Lancashire, and Shaun Skarnes, from Cheshire, were found guilty of meticulously preparing the killings via the internet. They are currently awaiting sentence.

Be sure to check out the site for the full article for photos and words of wisdom from mutual Tanuke/InFurNation friend and fandom guru Mark Merlino.

From BBC News



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