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Attack of the Show takes a look at Furries

October 22, 2009

You know, it’s rare that the furry fandom actually gets a positive review, but the guys over at G4’s AotS really seemed to appreciate the finer nuances of the whole thing.

They talk very briefly about the transformation fetish in defense of furries.

It’s important to note that contrary to popular misconceptions, most furries don’t have a sexual fetish for fur. In fact, the majority of furries are not sexual at all. … Those who do partake in sexual acts while wearing a fursuit have what’s known as the transformation fetish; a paraphilia or sexual fetish for people who are repressed about sex or insecure about their appearance.

While it’s great to see some love going to the furry community, do they need to pass the blame onto the TF fans?

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  1. October 23, 2009 5:33 am

    While it’s certainly nice to see something about furries which isn’t hate, blaming TF fans is still rather ridiculous. Funnily enough, you might actually be able to be a TF Fan without being in the interested in the sexual side of it (just like you can be a furry without… yiff).

    Personally, I’m a TF Fan the same way someone else may be a Pokemon Fan for example (you know, in the general, non-creepy sense).

    It’s the same sort of stereotyping that’s been done to furries in the first place. One step forward for the furry fandom, one step back for the TF fandom I suppose.

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