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Earth Eternal opens wide for all comers

October 14, 2009

Earth Eternal has been described as World of Warcraft for Furries, and the description is quite apt. Of the 20 playable races, 14 are recognizable anthro species, with the other 6 taking a cue from other mythos.

The game plays almost identically to World of Warcraft, from the UI, Character name displays, and hotkeys, except with a much more limited initial loadout. All races can play any of the only 4 distinct character classes. The character creation system is nicely versatile, letting you set your avatar’s fur patterns, underbelly color, and other coat hues as you choose. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, as evidenced by its whimsical creature concepts and graphics.

However, the game is still very much a beta. Many textures are completely nonexistant, leaving the game feeling very empty. It’s rather laggy, and combat feels very slow and clunky. But what do you want for free? Of course, these are just first impressions, so I’m hoping the game will improve as I play it more.

If you want to give it a try, hop on over and create a character. Odds are you’ll be able to find at least one species to fit your fursona. And if you want to say hi, my Druid’s name is Drake Flannigan.

Earth Eternal

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