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Pasadena Weekly delves into Furry Fandom

September 11, 2009

The cover feature of Southern California’s Pasadena Weekly boasts “FURRY FANDOM” in large block letters set against a pink and yellow fur-texture backdrop. The purpose is clear. But is it more furry-bashing from unknowing conservative media, or more exploitation from the Vanity Fair set?

“It’s often said that people come for the art and stay for the community,” he said. “There’s been a sudden rush of new people due to Internet networking. But the real community-building happens at conventions. Seeing over 550 fellow furries in a hotel, with many of them in costume, is so surreal; and yet you feel safe.”

The article is actually quite informative, giving a crash course into the history of the fandom, and it’s basis today. Most who are in the fandom may not find anything new here, but it’s good to see news that portrays furries in a truthful light.

Pasadena Weekly – Furry Fandom

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