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September 8, 2009

Attention Drama llama herders. Get the cattle prod!

Okay, that came off a bit harsh. But the point stands. StormDragonBlue recently deleted pretty much anything that says “I’m social” in the 21st century, from his PSN friends list to his Twitter account, and even his Ustream page. Which means no more shiny costume takeovers and inflatable bubble dragons.

He states that he did this because he’s “not happy where I am”. And that while the drastic action of deleting the account was influenced by impulsiveness, he is seriously considering that it’s what he needed in his life at this time.

His KillyTheFox website will remain up, as well as his DeviantArt page, so you will be able to get your Stormy fix. But don’t expect to see anything new in a while.

For the full story, view his DeviantArt journal


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