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What Happens When a Troll and a Lizard Get Together?

July 9, 2009

Why, they create illustrated stories and artwork, of course. Krae and Lizardman have just formed the TFX group, which intends to provide premium TF content on a payment-based store presentation. Only time will tell if TFX will become yet another self-supporting TF endeavor like Naga’s Den, Mamabliss, or The Wotch, or if it will fade into the abyss like… Well… I can’t think of any of them because they didn’t go anywhere.

Good luck to both of you, Krae and Lizardman! You have Tanuke’s support. And if you ever need another author, I like to think I have skills in that area as well.

TFX on Deviantart

TFX on FurAffinity

TFX online

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