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Daily Picks 6-20-09

June 20, 2009
Lizard TF, by Daniel-Kay

Lizard TF, by Daniel-Kay

Transfur, Artist’s description:

As the boy sleeps he dreams of his skin beeing smooth scales, his fingers and toes tipped with shiney and sharp claws, his face a long, sleek and strong muzzle and having a long and muscular tail… as he dreams of beeing this creature he hugs tightly in his lizard plush toy… And as the bright moonlight shines on his body he doesnt realize that his dreams are actually visions of what´s happening to himself at that moment… and that his dreams slowly become reality.

Artist’s Site:



Interesting Notes:

Wow! The detail and alignment is awesome! Pretty neat how you can almost see into the room.

Excellent shading and lighting work.

TF in a dream. Haven’t seen that to much. Glad to see something new.

Useless notes:

Lizard TFs come second place on my top 10 ^v^

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