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Swine Flu pandemic hits the TF Community

April 29, 2009

Something like this only comes along only every few years. A news event drops that lends itself so perfectly to TF content, that even non TF sources begin using it. Sometimes its a thing of beauty, sometimes it’s just… sad.

Weekly World News “Swine Flu comes to America” Honestly, is this what has happened to the WWN? They were freaking awesome when they were published on actual paper, but now ever since they went online they’re trying too hard to be The Onion. The part that really gets to me is they simply linked to a TF fetishist’s video from Willow, didn’t even TRY to make it make it look legitimate. I’ve seen Youtube Poops that are more convincing.

Go See a Doctor by Swatcher This one on the other hoof-hand is just perfect in its execution. It looks exactly looks like a medical chart, from the vetruvian pose to the AMTFCPNA logo in the corner. Genius.

Woman to Pig TF by Tincrash Everyone’s getting on the bandwagon

Flu TF Collage by Miranda Leigh Last but not least, we have this cute piece from Mirandaleigh. A bit too subtle for my tastes, but the anime style is nicely done.

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