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Tanuke gets noticed!

March 7, 2009

Holy shit! People know we exist now!

It’s really quite a surreal feeling. I started Tanuke by posting information from the TF board, and now the TF board is posting information about Tanuke.

Hello all new readers, and thank you for visiting! Hopefully we will live up to the hopes of Okeydonkey and become a respected facet of the community.

(1:46:06 PM) Oy: is that all I’m known for ‘that guy who runs the TF Club on DA’?
(1:46:17 PM) testzero: :p
(1:46:40 PM) testzero: well, oy and woxie are kinda two different personae
(1:47:09 PM) Oy: I’m well aware of that, I don’t mind people thinking of them as different people…but how can no one remember my name O_o
(1:47:25 PM) testzero: maybe it’s too long.
(1:47:31 PM) Oy: shut up


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